2x4 Dog Walking

2x4 Dog Walking is not your average city dog walking service. We believe that our dogs are beyond clients but more our pet partners whose joy and happiness is our top priority. Terry is the owner who love puppies & his ultimate mission is to care for their packs. Terry has more than 3 years of professional pet care experience but a lifetime of dog passion. 2x4 Dog Walking offers a variety of personalized dog services that are centered around helping our clients, their puppy family members and their busy lives.  No matter what type of client you are  your pup will be treated like our own. We look forward to tiring out your K-9!

Terry Olesen

Owner & Dog Enthusiast

Originally from the great state of Iowa, I grew up with dogs everywhere on our family farm instilling what would become my life long passions for all things K-9.  I moved to San Francisco three years ago with my partner and our two dogs, 6 yr old Jersey (English Labrador)s and 12 yr old Baxter (Boston Terrier). There is nothing I enjoy more than my time with my doggie packs hiking through the forests or running them on the beach. You will love when we drop off your tired pup.