"Not only does Terry have a heart of gold, but when your dog is in Terry's pack, you can rest assured that he's going to treat her like one of his own. Our black lab has formed a special bond with Terry and looks forward to their walks every day, waiting eagerly by the door around the time he comes to pick her up. She comes home tired- but the good tired- you can tell she's had fun on her walk and gotten exercise. Terry truly loves what he does and cares more about getting the dogs the exercise they deserve than managing the clock and just crossing the walk off the list, like some other dog walking companies tend to do. He truly is the best, extremely trustworthy, kind and professional. We feel so fortunate that he takes care of our four-legged little girl!"

 -Frankie's parents Patrick and Jill



"We are so happy with 2x4 Dog Walkers!  Terry is wonderful with our dog, Nico, and very diligent about his specific needs / keeping us updated on his behavior during their outings. They offer boarding as well (in a cozy home environment), which is quite useful and makes travel seamless.  There is nothing quite like seeing Nico's tail wag when he hears Terry at the door knowing he is going to have another great walk and be well cared for!"

-Nico's parents Gregor and Jackie



"Terry is the absolute BEST. My husband and I feel like he is a part of our family, and he treats our pup like a prince. When Luda sees Terry, he goes nuts with excitement and then goes off and is in dog heaven with him as they play ball and run around. And importantly, Terry has been enormously impactful with Luda's training and behavior improvement. He's a dog whisperer and Luda's best friend wrapped up in one. We know he takes care of our dog with a lot of love and consideration, and we are really grateful he is a part of all of our lives!"

 -Luda's parents Nick and Alexa